The Race Marked Out for Us: Mikey Brannigan’s Journey with Autism

Mikey 1

Read below for a guest post from Ron Sandison. On my bedroom wall I have an art scratch board of a futurist city with bluish green waterfalls and a red moon. The artist created this beautiful work by spraying five layers of different colors of spray-paint and then carving out of the darkness; a masterful panoply painting. In redemption, like the scratch board art, Christ cuts through our layers … [Read more...]

Organized Caregiving: Oxymoron or Goal for a New Year?

caregiver's notebook

Organized caregiving. An oxymoron if ever there was one, right? And certainly not the stuff from which to craft a doable New Year's resolution, right? Well, yes. And no. Organized caregiving may seem like an oxymoron when life is a whirlwind of doctor's appointments, melt downs, therapies, IEP meetings, diet restrictions, and day-to-day demands of caring for a loved one of any age. But being … [Read more...]

The Shelter of Each Other

May 30  01

Fifteen years ago, it was just a huge, fallow farmer’s field, streets cut in and lots subdivided. Still, it was a little piece of heaven on earth to young families like us, longing for a new place to call our own. We were one of the first families on the block, buying a “spec home” where we hoped to raise our 4-year-old and 1-year-old. Everything was new with promise. How would we landscape? How … [Read more...]

What We Can’t Say to Too Many People

Words we don't say to just anyone ...

A visit with a dear friend was highlighted with the phrase, "I can't say this to too many people.” Our hearts shared openly knowing we’re on the same team, accept each other, and "get it"! Becoming aware of the life of a parent/caregiver is as important as understanding “special needs” and a way to join the team! Ready? “I can’t say this to many people….” “I’m at my wits end.”  … [Read more...]

A Shepherd’s Story of Good News

Joel shepherd

It’s that time of year again. Merry Christmas and ho-ho-ho. The Greatest Story of All – the one about God taking on human form in the birth of a baby – tends to get trampled in the rush to the mall the day after Thanksgiving, and swept away with all the wrappings and ribbons on December  26th. It happens year after year, despite the best of intentions. But imagine this. Imagine for just one … [Read more...]

Surviving the “Normal” Moments with Special Needs Tweens

parenting special needs tween

I drove up to my daughter’s after school bus stop as the bus drove away. Not seeing her brunette hair as I looked down the street, my heart pounded. “Where is she?” I thought. It was the first day we'd planned for her to stay after school for math tutoring. For almost a month, we’d talked about her starting this week. We walked through the routine at school that morning---which classroom she’d … [Read more...]