Finding Your Anchor in Times of Change

Finding Your Anchor in Times of Change

A few weeks ago we moved from Pennsylvania to the Houston, Texas area. We’re in a new house, going to a new church, and starting a new school. My son James (who has level three autism) is missing his favorite pizza place, Hershey Chocolate World, and the familiar faces he saw at school and church. It’s been tough. He’s struggled with anxiety through these changes. He tries to control anything … [Read more...]

The Lovely Wreckers

Were they just too tasty to resist?

My mother used to say, “I can’t have anything nice with kids in the house!” She didn’t so much say it as she did wail it. We were the kids who came swinging in through the kitchen window feet first from the eaves of the roof, or accidentally lit the garage on fire. The security system in the house was basically just a trigger mechanism for the neighbor’s rage. His first thought, I’m guessing, … [Read more...]

Feeling Impatient to Become More Patient?

Read below for a guest post from Lorna Bradley. “Love is patient; Love is kind.” - 1 Corinthians 13:4a The irony did not escape me. Years ago at the first session of a six-week support group I outlined the topics I planned to cover. Then I offered that if there were other topics folks would like to discuss we could add those as well. I decided to grease the skids of the group member’s creative … [Read more...]

Enough Is Enough


Tensions have been mounting. Stress has been compounding. And the tears have been falling. Hard. Blame it on moving, transitioning and settling into a new home, a new church, a new school, and meeting new faces at every turn. Point to the three boys between ages 7-11 under one roof attempting to survive until adulthood - with parents intact. Or let autism take the fall for the havoc wreaked upon … [Read more...]

Moving from Us versus Them to We

us versus them to we

For 25 years, I dreaded August. Not because of my anxieties as a parent. But because of my anxieties as a teacher whose inclusive fourth grade classroom contained a high percentage of special need and at risk students. What made me anxious? Getting the classroom in order. New procedures that ate away at preparation and teaching time. Meeting students. Meeting parents. Not having the … [Read more...]

An Upside Down Joy

upside down joy

You've been here with me, I think? When your world is turned upside down and nothing will ever be right again. Time marches and the grace keeps flowing and you find joy breathes again from the most unlikely places.  AN UPSIDE DOWN JOY Loss sweeps you off your feet. It comes, uninvited, with no apology   It lifts you up, tips you upside-down and shakes you til you're … [Read more...]