Pondering Robin Williams’ death

grace not perfection

These recent weeks have left me ponderous of many things. I learned of the death of Robin Williams that Monday with the rest of the world. I groaned. I groaned, not because I knew him personally. Such was not my privilege. No, I groaned for his family in the unimaginable horror they must be experiencing. I groaned for those I love who have lost a family member in a similar way, knowing they … [Read more...]

praying through the start of the school year


Last year, I took pictures of my oldest daughter and shared a couple tidbits with the teacher as I dropped her off, but that was it. Our biggest concerns were if her best friend would be in her class  (she was)  and what she would wear on the first day of school  (a frilly leopard print skirt with a kitty graphic tee, of course).  This year was different. In the past year, our first son … [Read more...]

Build Upon Strength Instead of Weakness

Building Strength

If only I had read this book early in my teaching career. That was my thought as I turned the last page of Kristine Barnett's book, The Spark: A Mother's Story of Nurturing, Genius, and Autism. Her tale of her two-year-old son's autism diagnosis, his downhill slide into silence, and her decision to build upon strength in him rather than always remediating his weaknesses resonated with … [Read more...]

Is Loss in His Plan? (Resources)


I was early to an appointment, for once. I pulled into a Bigby parking lot, grabbed my notebook and started writing. It was the early days of Calvin's diagnosis and medical struggles; pain poured out of me and I had nothing but prayer and my pen to sponge it up. Reading and writing became two major coping mechanisms for me and played a vital role in healing even though circumstances did not … [Read more...]

Lord Help Me! It’s Time for School Again!

Back to School Again

  It's 5:15 am when the alarm goes off, chasing off the last remnants of a beautiful dream of walking on warm summer sands in the light of a glowing sunset. And just like that, Summer. Is. Over. My eyes strain to focus on the ceiling above as I fight an urge to pull the sheets back over my head. But no, I must get up! I must get up because… it's time for school again! I imagine other … [Read more...]

It’s Hammer Time

IMG_4778 2

When I went with my family on an inner-city mission trip two years ago, I’d like to think it was because I am uber-spiritual and occasionally walk on water (when no one is looking). But the truth is, I was afraid. On the morning our bus pulled out of the church parking lot, I pleaded with God to overcome my fear, hoping for a heavenly hammer to smash through the challenges that inevitably seem to … [Read more...]