Made to Worship Him {Guest Post}


Read below for a guest post from Kris Ray. My world was rocked when I found out several months before my 40th birthday that I was pregnant after giving up hope that I would ever have a child. Little did I know at the time how much this tiny baby would alter the course of my life. Maddie Grace came into this world under an incredible amount of trauma. After spending several days in NICU we … [Read more...]

Who Do You Say You Are?

Who do you say you are?

Each day, we have choices to make. One choice—one that you make each day—can drastically affect your life in astounding ways. Choose one option and you will live an abundant life unshaken by the circumstances around you. Choose the other option and you will live a reactive life, unstable and swayed by the opinions of others. The question we face each day is this: Who do you say you are? Are … [Read more...]

Uncertainty in a Special Needs Life: surviving its ups and downs


Yesterday I uttered two words I have never said side by side in the same sentence:  “Good IEP.”  In all my years as a special needs mother, those two words are about as unlikely a duo as, “happy hemorrhoid” or “joyful jogging.” But there it was. My response to my husband’s query about our 20-year-old’s annual IEP review. “It was good,” I repeated, still amazed these words had managed to come … [Read more...]

Inadequate, But Not Alone

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Today, I feel inadequate. Not at all qualified to encourage parents to fight the isolation that threatens to engulf them. Not at all worthy to remind them they are not alone. Not at all an example of how to ask for help from others. Because when events in my life took a difficult turn recently, I ignored my own advice. I rationalized my decision to isolate in numerous ways. It's no big … [Read more...]

Does Guilt Lace Your Dreams?

Guilt feelings plague many special needs parents. Guilt that we are not doing enough, guilt when we are too tired to do one more therapy session and pick up a book instead. Even deeper, fear that we caused our kid's disability. Irrational, out of our hands. But real. I would often have "guilt-flashbacks" during the first two years of Calvin's life. I wrote about them to survive, to process, to … [Read more...]

Are You The Dead Sea or The River Jordan?

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Raising a child with special needs can be exhausting.  You won't find anyone in our circle of parenthood disagreeing with that.  We can easily empathize with the mother who is discouraged and worn down, or the frustrated father who feels he can't do enough for his family.  We knowingly nod when we read articles admonishing us to engage in better self-care. However, I would also say that we … [Read more...]