Thanksgiving: Finding God in the turmoil of special needs parenting


My daughter once accused her older brother of opening his eyes during dinner prayer, not realizing, of course, she implicated herself in the process. Classic. But last week the violator of the “Super-Spiritual Guide to Prayer Protocol” wasn’t 10 years old, she was 49. Guilty as charged, I opened my eyes mid-prayer when a woman in my prayer group said a surprising thing: “Thank you, God, for the … [Read more...]

I Need a Guide, a Map, a How To


Parenting would be a lot easier if it came with a map, "You start here, you end up here, and this is how you get there." Simple. Logical. Organized. A road map. But if I've learned anything about parenting so far is that it's complicated, sometimes illogical, and definitely messy. Oh there are so many layers and qualifications to the messy! As if parenting was not hard enough, in our family … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving, Little Town on the Prairie

Happy Thanksgiving, My Little Town on the Prairie

My husband and I weren't looking forward to our first Thanksgiving as parents of a baby with special needs. The little town on the prairie where we lived was 750 miles from the University of Nebraska hospital in Omaha where our son had already had 2 surgeries, the first when he was less than 24 hours old. The surgeon insisted on scheduling a follow-up appointment before releasing our son after the … [Read more...]

SO Much To Be Grateful For!

Thanksgiving kids

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;     his love endures forever. ~ 1 Chronicles 16:34, NIV ~ Sitting in a meeting with a local business owner, I found myself sharing with him what I share with everyone who seems to feel sorry for those of us raising children with special needs.  We are SO blessed to be living at this point in time and in this country.  We have SO much to be … [Read more...]

Life (for me) ALWAYS goes as planned….Was that Plan A or B?

Life (for me) ALWAYS goes as planned….Was that Plan A or B?

When you’re young, you think you have it all figured out – that everything will go just as planned! As a planner, I love when life allows me to live according to my Plan A….but the reality is: I live in Plan B! While Plan A is fun to plan, there is adventure and even (at times) excitement when one allows God to orchestrate a different plan that our own…thus…Plan B! It’s hard for most of … [Read more...]

Our Children: A Tapestry of God’s Grace {Guest Post by Jeff Davidson}

God takes broken vessels and he uses them to make beautiful things from which he reveals himself to us.

(Read to the end of the post to find out how to win a copy of Jeff's new book, No More Peanut Butter Sandwiches). For eighteen nights in a row I had walked down the street to the willow tree by the side of the creek. For eighteen nights I had raged at God, shouted at God, and questioned whether he even existed. For eighteen days in a row I had cried. God had defied my plans, dreams, … [Read more...]