My Daughter’s Disability Is Not a Tragedy

disability not a tragedy

My daughter was zooming through the toy aisles at Wal-Mart with her walker, I was chasing her and asking her to stop or else there would be no Lala Loopsie. Actually, she had more of a run-run-glide thing going on. One of the workers was standing on a ladder arranging shelves and noticed, I was sure he was going to ask her to stop running, but instead, he looked down at me and said, “I am so so … [Read more...]

Celebrate the Small Stuff

Celebrate the Small Stuff {}

Read below for a guest post from Lee Fisher. Everyone says “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Well, that is good advice, but by the same token I am learning (after 14 years with a special-needs child) that you must also celebrate the small stuff. Be grateful. Keep a thankful list. That sounds so good on paper, but it is hard when everyone else is going to Disney World and soccer while you are going … [Read more...]

4 Powerful Questions For The Hurting Soul


Why didn't you TELL me? How many times do we find ourselves in the shock of another person's crisis, only to find that things have been quite bad for a long time?  A serious surgery is suddenly scheduled with the possibility of great peril.  A child commits suicide.  A family's home is in foreclosure. At times like these, those of us around the victims find ourselves grossly inadequate, … [Read more...]

Pamper YOUR Marriage!

Pamper Your Marriage - even when you are a caregiver {}

We might want a week away but need to settle for three hours. We might need a week away, but have to settle for a cup of coffee at the corner cafe! We might want a trip to Europe but need to be content with an overnight stay in an adjacent city. We need to find ways that will work practically and financially. As caregivers we’re on call 24/7 – and getting away without interruption rarely … [Read more...]

When Cancer Comes Calling

2012-09-24 20.15.29

      An uninvited guest showed up at my door ten weeks ago.  Its name? Endometrial cancer. Every time I sit down to write about this unwelcome guest my brain turns to cotton candy, words get stuck in the gummy mess, and a blinking cursor on the computer screen sings nah-nah-nah-nah-nah. My brain may feel like cotton candy, but at the soul level substantial work is … [Read more...]

What It Means To Be Independent


"She's never going to be independent." That's the fear I have, more often than I'd like, about my oldest daughter. Mostly it occurs to me when she's some combination of PMS/Bipolar and we have mornings like we did yesterday. Mornings when she's alternately weeping and giggling---in one breath accusing me of hating her and, in the next, begging me for pancakes. Here's what independent means … [Read more...]