The One Thing I Do Each Day to Stay Strong (And What Watching “The Middle” Has to Do with It)

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You and I are in a battle and the stakes are high. A parent of a child with a special need faces overwhelming demands each day. There are therapy needs, educational needs, social needs… and these are just the needs of our child! We must also take care of our own adult needs including maintaining our home, our marriage, and our health... and more. We also have an enemy who would like nothing … [Read more...]

When the Tornado Touches Down

tornado touching down spn

Last night, I received a message from the county that we were under a tornado watch for the next four hours. A quick glance through the curtains revealed blue skies out front, but darkening clouds out back. Various scenarios scrolled through my mind, like one of those old View Masters that changed pictures with the push of a lever. Possibilities included lots of crying, meltdowns, insisting to … [Read more...]

How God Reveals Himself To My Children On The Autism Spectrum

How God Reveals Himself to Our Children

Read below for a guest post from Merri Lewis. I used to worry a lot about how my son with autism would be able to comprehend an invisible, triune God. After all, autism means the odds are high that he will be a very literal and visual learner. After his twin sister accepted Jesus at the young age of 3 1/2, my concerns hit the accelerator with force.  The following Sunday as we sang praises and … [Read more...]

The Making of a Super Hero

Special needs parenting is NOT for sissies. Perhaps that is why so many people fear us, fear our children. I think most of us would agree that one of the more annoying platitudes people throw at us when we become a caregiver is, “God only gives special kids to really special parents. He must have known that you could handle a child like this.” The crying fetal position we find ourselves in at … [Read more...]

If I Just Had the Time…


I often say I have “no time” for extra things. Having a child with special needs has my time pretty well structured and full. But 3-4 times a month my friend Lisa provides Joey with afternoon rides home from work, providing me with an hour of free time, freedom, and time to ENJOY whatever I choose! Yesterday was one of those free hour to do as I please! I had just told Joe, “I'm … [Read more...]

When Mama Needs Help

when mama needs help

This is a hard post to write because it’s a big issue, it’s something I am constantly working on, an ongoing journey that changes along with the needs of my family. This is not a post about parenting kids with disabilities, or about parenting adopted kids who live with the trauma from their past, or even a post about parenting children with mental health issues. But it is a post about parenting in … [Read more...]