10 things TO SAY when a baby is born with Down syndrome

10 things to say

10 things TO SAY when a baby is born with Down syndrome Today is October 1st, which kicks off Down syndrome awareness month.  In honor of doing my part to raise awareness about individuals like my two daughters Polly and Evangeline, I'm sharing one of my favorite lists: 10 things TO SAY when a baby is born with Down syndrome. A while back I posted 10 things not to say to a parent of a child … [Read more...]

Biblical Principles for Advocacy from the Gospel of Luke and Acts

Biblical Principles for Advocacy from the Gospel of Luke and Book of Acts {specialneedsparenting.net}

Read below for a guest post from Ron Sandison. Ron also wrote a guest post earlier this year called "A Mom's Advocacy for Her Son." Luke, a first century follower of Christ, was a physician who wrote a two-volume set. One main theme in his writings was the importance of advocating for the poor, outcast, and innocent (Luke 1:53-54; 4:18-19). The Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts are … [Read more...]

Nuclear Family Meltdown


I don't do math. And I really don't do science. In high school, geometry was the only math class I actually aced - the ONLY math class I ever aced. In college, in order to fill my course requirement, I opted for "Basics of Mathematics" assuming it would be an easy A. Or with my record, probably a B-. Except the whole stinking course was nothing but word problems. Stupid, stupid word problems. … [Read more...]

8 Parenting Truths Learned as a Grandparent

Photo Credit: Catherine Scott

Our first grandchild was born two years ago, and somewhere in the past few months he's transformed from a baby into a charming toddler. I recently spent three delicious days playing with him while his parents and my husband tended to some weekend projects. The long drive home gave me time to reflect upon how many parenting truths one small person could teach his grammy in such a short time. … [Read more...]

Where to Find God When God is Silent

Beautiful Storm

In our family's journey with autism, there have been times when God has shown up in a big way: A miraculous provision.  A tender word from a stranger that so perfectly comforted a stressful day.  A breakthrough for Alec that we did not expect. These are the "walking on the water" days, when God's presence is so palpable  that I am humbled to silence. On days like that, I know beyond a shadow of … [Read more...]

Take a Time Out: making time for self-care in the special needs family


While Jesus may not have known the 24/7 demands of parenthood (around the clock feedings, diaper changes, doctor’s visits, play dates and IEP meetings), He did understand the demands of being constantly needed by others. He knew what it was to need to find a time and a place to be alone. Yet in spite of the never-ending needs of others and the very good causes, Jesus knew when to when to press … [Read more...]