Retreating in God’s Hands: respite for the special needs parent

Retreating in God’s Hands: respite for the special needs parent

Hands have always been a special symbol and image of love for me. It wasn’t until I recognized my grandfather’s once-familiar, farm-hardened, weathered hands, gently laid one over the other in a pose of rest at his funeral, that I finally knew this man really was the same one I had adored all my life. It was only then I was able to say goodbye. My grandmother’s gift to me that same day was his … [Read more...]

You Are Not a Failure

you're not a failure special needs parent

“I feel like such a failure, I mean, I’m trying to do everything I can to get services for my son but I’m not getting anywhere. His behaviors are getting so challenging. It’s just been….hard. My house is a mess, I forgot to pay for a school field trip, we ran out of clean underwear and my husband and I are fighting all the time.” She sits across from me at Panera with a bread bowl, she stirs the … [Read more...]

Special-Needs Parents: Here’s Where to Find Your Mission Field

You can follow Jesus' example. Look around and see your fellow special-needs parents. Have compassion on them. Pray to the Lord of the harvest to use you.

When my husband and I were in seminary, we had a little joke about being able to tell the missionaries from the rest of us. Missionaries were the ones who wore flip flops in January. They spent more time outside in the grass than in the library. If you went to their houses, you would probably have to sit on the floor. They didn’t want to acquire too much stuff before they went on the … [Read more...]

To Those Who Have Gone Before Us


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get so focused on dealing with all the current crises in our family life that I don’t spend enough time reflecting on our blessings.  Most notably, in our fight for progress with our children’s care now, we forget how fortunate we are to live at such a time as this.  Not only are treatment breakthroughs of every kind occurring more rapidly, but the flow of … [Read more...]

Stepping on Toes or Fine Tuned Dance?


Raising a son with special needs (soon to be 34) has allowed my husband and me to work together on a lot of different levels and on different issues. So when our daughter and son-in-law, who were living with us a few years ago, went to the hospital to deliver their second child, we went into our dance! We'd just gotten back from seeing MR. CUTENESS (our newest grandson) at the hospital. We were … [Read more...]

Bona Fide and Accepted In Christ

With or without special needs, there is only one place where we are truly 'Bona fide.' We are accepted in Christ.

I often feel like I am constantly trying to win the approval and acceptance of others with the things of this world. I long for the same acceptance for my son but find us more on the outside than ever with our family's obvious differences.  With or without special needs, there is only one place where we are truly 'Bona fide.'  We are accepted in Christ. Bona fide! ... My husband recently became … [Read more...]