The Antidote for Fear and Anxiety: What to Do When You Fear the Future

The Antidote for Fear is Prayer

Everyday, we face situations we cannot control ... We receive a bad report from a doctor. A job (and it's desperately needed paycheck) suddenly becomes unstable. Your child cannot sleep through the night. When anxiety places its cold hand on our shoulder because of a difficult circumstance and the future seems unsure, we are presented with a choice: Keep on struggling in fear ... or choose to … [Read more...]

Take It To the Mattresses

The Lorax

Another school year looms around the corner. We just moved from one state to another when school was out in mid-June. School in the old state started the last week of August and ended in mid-June. School in the new state starts the first week of August and ends in mid-May. That leaves my kids, who are moving from a late-starting school to an early-starting school, only 6 glorious weeks of summer … [Read more...]

The Special Needs Grandparenting Tug of War

tug of war FB

I will never forget the day my mother and mother-in-law played their first round of grandma tug-of-war. With our two-week-old son as the rope. The competition was held at my parents' home. We stayed there for a few weeks after our baby was dismissed from NICU before taking him to the remote corner of South Dakota where we lived 90 miles from the nearest hospital. My husband's mother, who lived … [Read more...]

God Doesn’t Need My Kid To Beat the Odds


  It was so definitive, those conclusive words of the neurologist: "He will never walk or talk. In many ways he is incompatible with life." Calvin was less than one and I was more than hopeful. I would sit up late at night reading stories of kids pushing far past their prognosis, astounding doctors with abilities they never thought possible. I looked down every avenue that offered hope. … [Read more...]


Isolation. Rarely is the bone-aching pain of special needs so completely summed up in one word. The word conjures up images of life going on while the unpopular and unfit are left behind; the loneliness of hours upon hours dragging on with no phone calls, no visits from friends, no invitations from others come to mind; being marginalized, ignored, treated as an annoyance, or unlovable by everyone … [Read more...]

Running on EMPTY

Running on EMPTY

Seeing the red light blinking that I’m almost out of gas and having a mini panic attack knowing how much farther I need to drive is how I feel when I’m depleted emotionally and physically in my care-giving responsibilities. Even an avid, well seasoned, and trained runner might say some of the same things we do, when we realize we’re running on empty: “I’m SO tired!” “I can’t do this … [Read more...]