Healing Prayers and Promises in Disability Parenting


  I just finished reading a national bestseller on prayer that, frankly, was very hard to finish. What grieved me most was a story about a pastor who counseled a young couple of a child with autism. The pastor opened his Bible to a random page, read a random passage of scripture about Abraham’s offspring forever speaking God’s word, and then claimed it as a promise that this couple’s … [Read more...]

Behind the Special-Needs Scrim


The sanctuary was dark. The air was thick with grief, tension, and anticipation of what we all knew was coming next. But nothing prepared me for what my eyes were about to behold. I was watching our church's Easter pageant from the middle of the large auditorium. We had just witnessed the Passion of Jesus as He had been tortured and crucified. The scene was dark, the people quiet. Suddenly, a … [Read more...]

Why EA/TEF Awareness Month Is Grace Awareness Month

EA/TEF Awareness

  January is EA/TEF Awareness Month. If you have no idea what EA/TEF is, don't feel bad. I didn't have a clue it existed until 11:00 AM (Mountain Time) on May 23, 1982. I was impeccably dressed in a fetching hospital gown when a nurse wheeled me from my room to the nurses' station to take a phone call. Back in the olden days, cell phones hadn't been invented yet, and small hospitals … [Read more...]

Advice on How to Encourage Special-Needs Siblings (from a Special-Needs Sibling)

Advice on How to Encourage Special-Needs Siblings (from a Special-Needs Sibling)

"She ruins everything!" I said to my mom when I was six and my big sister bumped into an art project I'd been working on all day. And again when I was twelve and she wanted to hang out with me and my friends at my slumber party. And again when I was seventeen and she snuck upstairs when I was watching a movie with a boyfriend. And again when I was twenty-two, as I walked behind her down a … [Read more...]

When There Is More Than One Diagnosis

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Lightning can and does strike the same place twice. Ask me how I know. For too many years I subscribed to the delusional belief that if I endured some sort of remarkable challenge, I would be exempt from future struggles or trials. God has made it a life-long lesson to show me the error of my ways, and to reveal the incredible difference He can make with lives that are completely dependent upon … [Read more...]

Just Jesus

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Years ago I went through the process of becoming the guardian for our (at the time) 18-year old son. Joey (now 33) has a number of physical, mental, and health challenges that will require him to be cared for all of his life. Someone from Probate Court came to our home with papers for Joey to sign and talk to him about guardianship and get the process in progress. In front of this woman and Joey, … [Read more...]