5 Ways to Recover from Caregiver Chaos

Order from chaos - 2

Two days before Thanksgiving of 2014, my life descended into caregiver chaos. Not because of a kid with special needs. But because of an aging parent with special needs. My mom, to be specific. Who came to stay with us until the end of the year to give her primary caregivers, my brother and his wife, a much needed break. That break nearly broke me because in quick succession... Mom had what we … [Read more...]

Why Do Anything? (a guest post from Karen and Elizabeth Santorum)

Four days after Rick and Karen Santorum welcomed their eighth baby into the world they were given the devastating news that their little girl, Bella, was going to die. The full story of life with Bella has never been told until now.

Imagine delivering a beautiful baby girl. Your heart is hopeful, and life is renewed. Witnessing the miracle of life is humbling and awe inspiring. My heart was filled to the brim as I met my little girl, my Bella. She was beautiful. Curly hair, dark lashes, pink skin, and the most perfect little fingers and toes. Yet, these words, “Why do anything?” were ones my husband, Rick, and I heard … [Read more...]

Road Sign Reminders of God’s Provision in Your Life

Road Sign Reminders of God's Provision

Providence. By definition the term means, "the foreseeing care and guidance of God over the creatures of the earth."   Fourteen years ago Matt and I moved into our Charlotte home. With a load of boxes and furniture, a toddler, and a son on the way, we unpacked our dreams of prosperity and opportunity. We had been married four years and life was good. New job, new baby, new life. How could … [Read more...]

Pick Your Battles: when losing doesn’t have to mean loss

Parenting experts have been known to quip the phrase “pick your battles.” In my experience as a special needs parent, however, the problem isn’t just about which battles to fight, but knowing when it’s okay to lose. Long ago I surrendered the battle with my autistic sons over a healthy diet in favor of settling for almost anything that would keep my picky, OCD eaters alive and breathing. Fresh … [Read more...]

Remember That You Are Not Alone

pray for you

In this journey of parenting children with disabilities I have discovered that many of us feel alone: Does anyone understand what it is like to walk in our shoes? Could someone really understand why I feel the way I do? Am I the only one that wrestles feeling like I am not doing enough for my child?  I wish there was something I could do to change this for you, for me, for all of us. I cannot. So … [Read more...]

God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle (and other truths actually from Scripture)

"God won't give you more than you can handle" is not true. But God's promises found in Scripture are true.

When you heard your child's diagnosis, some well-meaning friend may have tried to console you with the common Christian cliche, "God won't give you more than you can handle." That's simply not true. Abraham couldn't handle killing his son. Moses couldn't handle leading God's people across the Red Sea. Esther couldn't handle approaching the king to beg for her peoples' lives. Daniel couldn't … [Read more...]