High-Functioning Guilt

Special Needs Shoes

My son Samuel was diagnosed with autism at 28 months old. He was mostly non-verbal, except for when he scripted his favorite movie lines or spelled out letters he saw on signs. He had no meaningful communication and he screamed a lot. He repeatedly banged his head on the floor when he had meltdowns. He slowly cut back on the foods he willingly ate until eventually, he only ate goldfish and … [Read more...]

Every Life Matters When God Writes the Story

Every Life Matters1

When I was a little girl, going shopping with my parents was a little scary. Because of Leon. Leon sat in his rusty wheelchair, clothed in rags, his body hunched and dirty, his smile toothless, holding a cup full of pencils for sale in his twisted hand. Most people walked right by, as if he wasn't there, though a few slipped a nickel in the cup and took a pencil. Leon scared me. But he didn't … [Read more...]

Small Beginnings: A Story of Insurmountable Odds

Anthony Starego: a story of insurmountable odds

Read below for a guest post from Ron Sandison. “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin.” - Zechariah 4:10 Ray and Reylene Starego felt a divine call to adopt an orphan who was a special-needs child. The moment Ray and his wife laid eyes on Anthony, they knew he was the child for them. Due to his severe disabilities, Anthony was able to speak only six … [Read more...]

Reflections on a Decade of Special Needs Parenting

Reflections on a Decade of Special Needs Parenting {guest post from Jennifer Janes}

Read below for a guest post from Jennifer Janes. My daughter will turn ten years old soon. We’re living the Christmas nightmare all over again---the obsessing over the day, the party, the details, what people will bring, what they will wear, if they will behave the way she wants them to, if she will get the gifts she desperately wants. We’re losing sleep over all of this. Twice this week she has … [Read more...]

Muddy Paws & Love: What matters in special needs parenting

In the Anderson household three things tell us spring has sprung: sticky floors (from making maple syrup); muddy boots and paw trails from thawing snow; and anxiety storms erupting from the transition of school to summer. Whether its constantly cleaning spring-time floors or managing transition meltdowns, life isn’t easy and is usually full of errors (I submit exhibit A: the two pots with … [Read more...]

Hope for the Continual Cycle of Grief Special-Needs Parents Experience

Hope for the Continual Cycle of Grief Special-Needs Parents Experience

I've been seeing a therapist for a few months. A therapist who specializes in grief. Last week she said I've graduated, but I'm not so sure I'm done grieving. I may never be done. But I have found hope. Special-needs parents experience unique grief. Instead of moving through the regular stages and finding resolution, we can be struck with grief at any moment. We go through the cycles again and … [Read more...]